About Us


Jaytick Chemicals Inc. is in the Import-Export & Distribution business and a reliable source in fulfilling the
needs of its customers chemical procurement needs. Jaytick has create a network of associates and partners all
around the globe with the idea of creating a global presence to serve not only the procurement needs of its
customers but also the marketing needs of supplier. Its motto has always been to work with customers and give
them a sense of  tranquility about their needs  by creating an organisation through which customer can have
global reach.
Jaytick is also manufacturing of customized specialty chemical in India since the 1987. The manufacturing unit
fulfills the need of the multinationals looking for partners and associates to develop products from concept to
multi-tonne production.

Today, Jaytick based in Houston, Texas, USA has its presence felt throughout the globe with associates and
partners in ASIA, EUROPE and NORTH AMERICA. We at Jaytick strive to give our customer the global reach
necessary to succeed in today's fast paced information and communication age to fulfill chemical procurement or
marketing needs.


Jaytick's mission is to work with customers; either as an extension of their purchasing department or marketing
department by understanding  the customer's procurement or marketing needs and fulfilling it by our global reach.


To create an organizational network which encompasses the chemical manufacturers, suppliers and buyers all
around the globe through a single point of  entry "JAYTICK"  where all the procurement or marketing needs of
every customer can be achieved.


"Our limit is limitless."