Jaytick Chemicals has the ability to facilitate client purchasing processes & departments by
fully understanding their needs and implementing our global resource networking

Our collaboration efforts over the past decade with large overseas manufacturers and
Development Laboratories  has afforded us the ability to fulfill US client needs for custom
synthesis of organic compounds for the chemical, pharmaceutical and agro-chemical
industries. We offer starting materials, intermediates, re-agents and advanced
intermediates. Compounds are made to order in scales ranging from milligrams to several

We become a major asset to clients procurement departments through our chemical
services from order to delivery.

Our overseas collaboration is capable of handling difficult synthetic assignments and
providing high quality, on-time, and confidential services.

Customs Synthesis is undertaken in 2 Basic stages:

Stage 1:
Medium scale, pilot plant equipment is used to evaluate methods and produce experimental
batches. This is Usually with our Collaboration with Fully Equipped Development
Laboratories with experienced staff ,analytical experts and Medicinal
Chemists. The development lab confirm with the quality management system requirement
as per customer's requirement.

Stage 2:
The Developed Method and Technology is transferred to commercial production facility
which confirm to the Quality, Management and EHS system requirement of the product
being manufactured. The process involves collaboration and careful investigation of
equipment, efficient process controls and quality control by the experienced staff at the
development lab and the experienced staff at the commercial manufacturing facility. The
product is tested at the commercial production facility and also tested again at the
development lab to confirm quality.

(Customs Synthesis can also be carried out as per customer's specific requirement
methodology steps and communication agenda requirements)