As an importer/exporter/distributor of chemicals, Jaytick Chemicals Inc.
(Jaytick) is committed to providing a safe, secure, and healthy
environment to all of our employees, and protecting the health, safety,
and environment of our associates, customers, and vendors.

We demonstrate this commitment through the following actions:

•        Supply our associates, customers, and vendors with information
that describes the hazard(s) of the chemical supplied and the impact(s) it
can have on the environment, health, and safety of surrounding
communities and employees.

•        Work cooperatively with vendors and customers to promote
environmental, health, and safety best practices.

•        Ensure that all chemicals Jaytick is currently/actively importing or
exporting (i.e., trading and distributing) comply with all applicable
environmental, health, and safety regulations.

•        Encourage employees, vendors, suppliers, and customers to
identify and communicate any issues related to chemicals being actively
supplied, procured, or handled by Jaytick, and to then work with Jaytick
to develop corrective action plans, as needed, to reduce environmental,
health, and safety hazards
Environmental Health and Safety Policy